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What Our Clients Say

Book Edit

“My team of two...held my hand and worked with me as if I were paying them a million dollars. I felt the support, the excitement and joy they displayed about MY project. If I didn't know any better I would've thought it was theirs too, lol. This was a journey for me and I have to say that Monica really helped me navigate the waters and helped keep my fears at bay long enough for me to complete this book. Thank you ladies!! I have more writing to do and I look forward to doing it with you both still on my team :)”

-- Tawana Patrice

author of L, Inc.

“You showed me things I hadn't thought of before in my writing. I got excellent service, highly recommended.”

-- Ian Worrell

author of No Remorse, No Regret

"Monica provided me SUCH great feedback when editing my book. I loved the way she was patient and how she took care of "my baby" with care. She gave me the feedback I could not see without judgment but with encouragement. Thank you Monica for helping me bring my dream to life! All the best to you!"

-- Gene Black

author of From Alignment to Enlightenment

"If you aspire to become a self-published author, hiring an editor is a must. Working with On-Call Editing Services allowed me to focus on what I do best — writing — while giving me the peace of mind knowing the finished product would be just as polished and professionally structured as a traditionally published book. Monica doesn’t provide editing services as a hobby; she’s a veteran in the industry. It shows in the way she educates her clients and the expertise she demonstrates throughout the process."

-- Donna L. Johnson

author of  Is It Worth Reading: A Workbook to Help New Freelancers & Business Owners Create Campaigns That Get Attention, Build Trust & Increase Engagement

General Coaching

"Monica was so patient and humble through my whole project. She was knowledgeable and supportive. She never hesitated to refer me to someone else to ensure my project was completed timely. Great communicator as well."

-- Latanya Dubois

Eagle Eye Management


"Monica has a wonderful energy that brings positivity, enthusiasm, motivation, excitement to everybody around her. She delivers effective messages and powerful questions thanks to her empathic listening and excellent communication skills. From our conversations I got so many positive results related to emotional status, action plans and decision making. She deserves a stellar success in her career and life! All the best Monica!" 

-- Chiara Blosio

Blosio Coaching

Monica was a profound help to me when I was making a life transition. I had lost a job, was in my 60s, and felt kind of washed-up. I was pretty negative in my thinking and setting low expectations for myself.  I didn’t think of myself as marketable or even able to learn new things.


In a very gentle way, Monica led me away from that place…and it happened in a two hour conversation that wasn’t difficult or obviously probing. Her questions, which were natural and easy, just led me to see myself in a different light.


The most important thing Monica does is to listen. She listens in a way that is increasingly rare in our society…she listens deeply and to what is being said behind the words. I believe she does this out of a profound love, because it is through love that we see and are seen. This is the gift Monica brings to life coaching…she doesn’t believe the bad things we might be saying about ourselves…she sees through this to the truth about us, and she helps us to bring that truth to light for ourselves.


I can’t say for sure that is was as a result of this conversation that things started happening pretty rapidly in my life, because I was ready for the change to take place and had been working toward it for several months. But two part-time job opportunities opened up for me shortly after this conversation and one of them was in a completely different field than I had ever considered; one that required me to call on my deepest reserves of love and understanding to do well.

I might have gotten there without Monica’s help, but the work we did together in that conversation (which was of course not our first talk as we’ve known each other for some years) opened up a channel through which good things poured. It was a catalyst for positive change.


If you are lucky enough to work with Monica on your life issues, you will be blessed by it. Of this, I am sure.

-- J. Howland

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