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Got some time before you need to publish? Need some guidance while you’re writing? If you’ve got the time to pace yourself, we’ve got the help you need to write it right before you hit publish.


For: 1,001 words or more


  • Articles

  • Blog posts

  • Brochures

  • Business communications

  • Essays

  • Pamphlets

  • Presentations

  • Short e-books

  • Social media posts

  • Webinar scripts/supplemental materials

  • Website content

  • And more! If it's meant to be consumed in written form, we can edit it.


Price: Content is as individual as the writer. Therefore all project prices are determined by size of project, level of complexity, and requested deadline. Please contact us for a speedy quote.

What we do:

  • Look for typographical, grammatical, punctuation errors, and conforming to any predetermined style

  • Edit for clarity, sense, and consistency throughout document

  • Check links to see if they are working

  • Give impression as the reader/potential consumer

  • Give suggestions for improving your copy

What our clients say: Check it out!

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