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The Brand of Me

There's been a lot of talk of branding going on in my world. Colors and logos and fonts and the feel of things; target markets, avatars, products, products, products. There is a plethora of advice and a ton of smart people worth listening to. And I do, generally with one ear. Today I emailed my mastermind group and part of what I talked about was how I was going to sell my services. It's really a lot like how we sold our custom jigsaw puzzles because we always found the greatest success when we sold in person and people could talk with us. They would find out how we think and how we work and before we knew it, we had a new customer who loved not just what we did but how we did it.

I've had a lot of confirmation lately that my "how" is the key to how I sell. My brand, in a nutshell, is me. It is my sincere desire to help people and I believe that shows. I never do just what I am asked if I can see that doing a little bit more is going to help majorly. It is not my way nor is it the way of the people I call on to help me be of service to others. If people walk away feeling like they aren't in it alone, then I have succeeded. Now, this IS a business. I have not forgotten that. I can only extend myself so far and with every person who helps me do this, they can only extend so far as well. That is why there will be products. Somehow I will package up some of those things we do and offer that value to people as well to use as much as they like whenever they like. That just makes sense. Some Internet marketers can seem too slick for my taste, but the core message is still true. The key is to be as heart-centered when I create those as I am when I work with people directly. You can't convince me that's a fool's errand. That's just me following my inner guidance. You can't go wrong when you heed your own instincts.

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