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By now y'all know my nemesis, right? I said it just two posts ago. I've even told people, "Stop talking to me about it. I GET it. I will get it. Chill!"

So, what is it?

No. It's not cats. Wait. OK, maybe it's cats a little bit. I ain't too fond of them either. Even cute ginger ones sleeping on their backs. They climb on things and claw things and think they own the place...wait. Sorry. Wrong rant. My nemesis is sleep! As in I know I need more of it and I HAVE been actively working on that because I DO recognize that my creativity is at its best when Monica gets her rest - rhyme intended.

Today I let SoundCloud tell me who to listen to and I found Lewis Howes who spoke with super sleep virtuoso Shawn Stevenson in two podcast interviews, as far as I can tell right now. I heard this first one though and y'all should too. It's actually pretty interesting. If I buy his book and it puts me to sleep, is that a sign of success?

My thing is when I don't want to deal with something, I don't. But when I turn around and face it, it's usually not as scary as I made it out to be. Not that sleeping is scary. I told you I love it to the ends of the Earth and back. But it gets relegated to the back burner when I have stuff to do. Working on it! Just listen! I'm going to sleep! 'night!

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