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Previously in My Life...

Welcome back. Glad you’re still here.

So here is the challenge. How to tell you what has brought me thus far without boring you with details. I want you to know though because they are important details in the story of how I finally emancipate myself. So I think for now I am going to make a list and maybe that list can guide what I explain further in the future. The good news is I don’t have to go back too far because the latest kindling that stoked the fire was only added about 4 months ago, although some of the things on my list are from about 9 months ago. Maybe it can go even further back. I don’t know. Let’s just see what happens, shall we?

1 – I have been freelance editing for one main “client” for a couple of years.

2 – I start seeing a life coach.

3 – I leave my beloved favorite job of all time because of lack of faith in the new owners.

4 – I get a new job and I hate the commute faster than I expected.

5 – I start seeing a therapist/life coach.

6 – My therapist wonders if I can figure out a target market for my editing business.

7 – I take a branding quiz.

8 – I research coach training programs and meet a dynamic life coach.

9 – I listen to coaching calls and meet Natisha Willis.

10 – I join a Coach Ya Damn Self challenge.

11 – I am asked to be a leader in the Coach Ya Damn Self challenge.

12 – I figure out my target market.

13 – I start building a website.

14 – I figure out a business name.

15 – I listened to Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

16 – I listened to You are a Badass by Jen Sincero and I decide to buy the book too.

17 – There is a pulmonary embolism and a subsequent change of thinking about weight loss (OK, so now we’re going back 7 years)

18 – There is talk about writing a book, which I actually started maybe 10 years ago.

19 – TueNight wants me to write an article about faith.

20 – Clothes, massages, and more

21 – About an editing certificate and getting in with my own people

22 – Savor the Success, Marie Forleo and a return to those who inspired me before

23 – ENFP and spiritual gifts

24 – Astrology and numerology

25 – Will I ever finish my Master’s?

26 – Don’t forget politics!

27 – Church and religion and God and giving God more room to exist

28 – My college-bound son

29 – My dynamic daughter

30 – Have you ever had a chart done? I have!

There you go. It’s not EVERY detail, but vital highlights that will recall other important stuff. So for now I will talk about today and we’ll come back to this list and check things off as I go. How’s that? This actually feels pretty organized to me. I like it. Let’s move on.

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