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Launch in 2018!

Stop mulling and start moving!


Two is better than one, so let's talk about your self-publishing plan or other content goals and make it happen in 2018! Don't let that book idea linger another year. Turn the page in your plan to be an author, blogger, or start some other content platform and let's enliven that vision, sort out that outline, or just explore what you've done so far and plot where to go from there. It CAN happen, no matter how busy your life may be.

What do some of my 2017 clients say?

My team of two...held my hand and worked with me as if I were paying them a million dollars. I felt the support, the excitement and joy they displayed about MY project. If I didn't know any better I would've thought it was theirs too, lol. This was a journey for me and I have to say that Monica really helped me navigate the waters and helped keep my fears at bay long enough for me to complete this book. Thank you ladies!! I have more writing to do and I look forward to doing it with you both still on my team

Tawana Patrice

Monica provided me SUCH great feedback when editing my book. I loved the way she was patient and how she took care of "my baby" with care. She gave me the feedback I could not see without judgment but with encouragement. Thank you Monica for helping me bring my dream to life!

Eugene Black

On-Call Editing was exactly what I needed to begin my rebranding project. Monica was patient and allowed my vision to come alive through the words and the colors she suggested for my website. She brilliantly handled my bio and helped to create content that will provide my clients, both current and potential, with a clear and concise message for what our company accomplishes on a daily basis! Thank you On-Call Editing for all your support and expertise!

Latanya DuBois

Eagle Eye Management

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Are You Done Thinking Yet?


Seriously. Ain't nothing to it but to do it. But you don't have to do it alone. That overwhelm you feel is all your angst churning inside you with no place to go. Let it go. Disperse the fear by facing it with someone who can help you get organized, strategize, and realize your goal to put your message into the world.

It costs you nothing to dump all that confusion and let me work with you to reshape it into a plan that will keep you excited and motivated all year. It costs you nothing - but time. Ready to talk for FREE?

Schedule your FREE 2018 Strategy Session here.

Want to ask a question before you schedule? We can do that! Send me an email and let's figure it out!

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