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My career began with a hyper focus on editing, but has expanded over the years to include my interests in not only writing about complex topics to bring clarity to the reader, but helping people to achieve their vision, whether personal or corporate. I combine my natural talents for organization and persistence with my acquired skills to write, edit, and manage projects as well as people. I use this powerful combination in a creative, entrepreneurial way whether I am working for myself or for others. And I do it all with a lot of passion, patience, and affinity for working with others. Check out some of the articles I have written for a sample of my writing capabilities.

Article links

Too see a sampling of my writing outside of my On-Call Editing blog, click on any title below. Some articles are no longer easily found, so I have gone back on the Wayback Machine to bring them to you here. Other articles do not or no longer have my name as the byline, but all professional articles can be verified by former co-workers as needed.


7 Causes of Excessive Perspiration in People with Diabetes

Ben Vereen (interview)

Chef Charles Mattocks (interview)

Cosmetic Dentistry (.pdf)

Curtis Aikens' Serving Up Healthy Motivation (interview)

Driven to Succeed (interview)

Finding Help for ED

Getting Financial Help for Diabetes

Randy Jackson (interview)

Taking Care of Diabetes Education (interview)

To Whom Much is Given (interview)

Treating Diabetes By During Sleep Apnea


Shades of Madness (as now found via Wayback Machine)

Finding God and Letting Him Find Me Too

Monica Dennis

Writer, editor, consultant, coach, entrepreneur and all-around content wrangler

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