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On-Call Editing is 1 Year Old!

It's our birthday! It's our anniversary! It's our birth-iversary and we want to celebrate with you! We want to hear YOUR story about the first time you published -- a book, an article, even the blog that took your greatest effort to launch. Tell us about it!
How did you feel before you published? What were your hurdles? How did you overcome them? What did you learn? What's happened since then?

Click here to share your story. We'll choose two of the most inspirational stories to share on all our social media feeds. We'll even help promote you and your work, and you will win your choice of one of these gifts of gratitude for sharing your story with us:

Option 1: Books to help you on your writing journey. You can choose one, some, or all of these 5 titles written by some of our editing compatriots:

$45 value


Option 2: A 30-minute coaching session to help you determine the next step in your writing/publishing journey, sort out some ideas you're wrestling with, or even just answer questions if that's what you need to get where you want to go!

$75 value

Option 3: A 15-minute, customized audio visualization session to help you truly focus on and "see" one specific goal, whether it is writing-specific or pertaining to the business of being a writer. Download and carry it with you everywhere for portable inspiration and meditation without ceasing to help you create what you truly desire!

$40 value

Share your story via email or in a Word doc, which you can email to us. All entries must be submitted by Friday, January 19, 2018 by midnight EST. We can't wait to be inspired by you and to help inspire others!

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